Racism in Japan

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! No 33, October/November 1983

Japan is an imperialist nation which has for years past attempted to dominate oppressed nations in South East Asia. Today it has renewed that drive and become the major financial power in South East Asia. In addition it is embarking on a large scale arms build-up to defend its imperialist interests both from the oppressed nations and from its imperialist rivals. As with all imperialist nations racism is an intrinsic part of Japanese society. As this article, submitted by a Japanese comrade living in Britain shows, racism in Japan is directed against the peoples from nations oppressed by Japanese imperialism.


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Japanese imperialism: preparing for battle

Speaking before press on 13 May, Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto made the extraordinary claim that the ‘comfort women’ system – under which some 200,000 women, mainly from China and Korea, were forced into prostitution for Japanese soldiers before and during the Second World War - was necessary to ‘maintain discipline in the military’. The statement, which provoked international outrage, is the latest in an increasingly brazen series of provocative statements by the Japanese ruling class, who are edging further and further towards explicit national chauvinism in response to long-term economic crisis.


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